Day Zero Zero Eight

Canon Rebel XS. 1/40 sec, f / 3.5, ISO 1600.

I took my camera out today while we were in town, with the intent on coming up with something to shoot for today’s photo. I…forgot to put my card back into my camera, so I borrowed Tim’s camera instead. He doesn’t have his card reader with him though, so there was no way I could get the photo off his computer.

So…I took a photo of it, instead.


2 thoughts on “Day Zero Zero Eight

  1. zomg lol! I do that too…and then wind up taking the pic with my phone, and emailing the much poorer quality photo to myself!

    • haha! I was so annoyed at myself. I remember seeing my SD card, and thinking “Right, gotta put that back in the camera” …and then, we went out for a walk and for some coffee, and I wanted to snap some photos, and I turn my camera on, and… “NO CARD” comes up in big red letters.

      Fuuuuuuuck. So I used Tim’s camera, and then realized he didn’t bring his card reader (his camera takes different cards) …so, I took a picture of his camera showing my picture instead once we got home, lol.

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