Day Zero One Nine: January Photo Challenge: HOME

Day 8 of the First Thirty-One over at!  Today’s challenge was “Home”.

Home is a superfluous idea.  Some people have one definitive place that they call home, but I’ve never been one of those people.  I remember reading an article while I was traveling last year (and sadly, I can’t find it, so I will have to paraphrase), but the gist of it was – home is a definite idea for people who have never strayed far from home.  The further you stray, and the more often you go, the less and less the concept of home remains to a person, because ultimately they’ve left little pieces of themselves in every place they’ve been.  What used to be this idea of ‘home’ becomes harder and harder to find, leading you to travel to more and more places, cycling back in upon itself.  Long term relationships are tossed aside for shorter, but more meaningful interactions with other humans, and you’re stuck forever trying to find the perfect place to call home.

I have many homes.  The homes of my friends and my family, where my bicycle is, where my boyfriend is.  A small cafe in John O’Groats where I ate a piece of shortbread, in the centre of downtown Mumbai, or sunrise at a Thai market.  The lavender fields of France are as much home to me as the house I currently reside in.  It is a curse and a blessing, but one I gladly make for myself.

For today’s photo, I took a picture, not of a place, but of a feeling.  For now, until I can fund another adventure or a trip back home, home is wherever this little guy is, and right now, that’s here with me.


Canon Rebel XS. 1/80sec, f / 2.5, ISO 400.



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