Just a pic of Tim being silly in the local hunting/fishing/northern store.  We played Little Big Planet all afternoon, and just came back from an ultimate frisbee game at the soccer arena.



1/40sec, f / 1.8, ISO 400.



047: that sibling face

Took a quick pic of my brother eating cake early this morning, as I’ve spent the entire day downtown wandering around in the rain, and then at an Emilie Autumn concert (of which I have some bad cell pics, but I didn’t want to risk taking my dSLR…)


Canon Rebel XS. 1/40sec, f / 5.0, ISO 1600.

(yes, I’m genetically capable of gingers)

044: pew pew pew


Canon Rebel XS. 1/160sec, f / 10, ISO 400.

Went shooting today out in Mission with my best friend, his wife, and his folks.  The weather was awesome!  The above picture is only four of the seven guns we shot today.  There was a .303 enfield, .4570, 12 gauge mosberg, SKS, savage .22, 1022 takedown, and a .22 winchester.

and a bonus picture!  Me and my baby (savage .22)


Canon Rebel XS. 1/400sec, f / 13, ISO 400.



Day Zero Three Seven: January Photo Challenge: CHILL

Day 26 of the First Thirty-One over at Fourtuitous.com (oh my god, I’m almost done with this!).  Today’s challenge was “Chill”, and ain’t nobody chiller than Cindy!  

I always have this little check-list of friends I have to get through whenever I come home for a visit, and no matter how short or long my visit to Vancouver, I’ve always got to go see Cindy.  (but the visits are never long enough…)


Canon Rebel XS. 1/50sec, f / 6.3, ISO 800.


Canon Rebel XS. 1/8sec, f / 3.5, ISO 800.
Meet Zoey!


Canon Rebel XS. 1/13sec, f / 5.6, ISO 800.

Day Zero Two Zero: January Photo Challenge: CHEEKS

Day 9 of the First Thirty-One over at Fourtuitous.com!  Today’s challenge was “Cheeks”.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a self-photo with a 50mm prime lens?  I had to strain my arms as far as they’d go just so it’d focus.  But man, look at those sweet cheeks.  Just look at them.


Canon Rebel XS. 1/200sec, f / 3.5, ISO 400.
WHAT is that face I’m making?

Day Zero Zero Nine

I woke up today with a bright light shining in my eyes.  Startled, I roused myself from the covers, expecting daylight, when it was the full moon instead peering in through my bedroom window, lighting the mountains aglow in her glory.  I laid there in the warmth of my bed for a while longer, and watched her travel across the heavens, until I realized it would make a beautiful picture.  I dragged myself from the bedchamber, donned a pair of flannel jammies, and grabbed my jacket, snowboots, and my camera and tripod to head outside before the mountains devoured the moon for another day.

At 7am, I stood outside wearing nothing but pajamas and a jacket, knee deep in snow in my front yard, and fought with my broken tripod to take some photos of the moon illuminating the skies.  Not wanting to consider my photo-a-day done by before sunrise, I loaded the pictures to my computer, and made pancakes instead.

Later in the day, we went for a photo-walk, and I snapped just some photos of the here and there, in the light of the sun (a precious commodity up north).  I’ve really struggled to provide just one photo for today, because I want to share several, and on most days, often do.

But today feels like a day for just one.

Canon Rebel XS. 1/125 sec, f / 3.2, ISO 400.