109: airplanes, and a brief foray into Vancouver

I’m flying to Yellowknife today, but I had a six hour layover in Vancouver, so I headed downtown to see some friends (and my friend, the sea)  I forgot it’s actually Spring in other parts of the province.

Oh Vancouver, how I miss you so.



1/640sec, f / 7.1, ISO 200.


1/800sec, f / 7.1, ISO 200.

054 – kinda late, oops

Not a great photo, and it’s late besides. Yesterday was kinda hectic, and not worth the trouble to dig my camera out of my carry-on.  I took a sunset photo, too, but there was too much lens flare, and I didn’t like it.


1/60sec, f / 5.6, ISO 800.

052: When the sun shines, it pours

I made a two hour voyage by transit today in Vancouver just to go visit the sea for 30 minutes.  Worth it.


Canon Rebel XS. 1/400sec, f / 16, ISO 400.
(English Bay)


Canon Rebel XS. 1/640sec, f / 16, ISO 400.
(graffiti on Davie St)


Canon Rebel XS. 1/400sec, f / 18, ISO 400.
(Canada Place, with the mountains peeking from behind)


Canon Rebel XS. 1/10sec, f / 3.5, ISO 400.

044: pew pew pew


Canon Rebel XS. 1/160sec, f / 10, ISO 400.

Went shooting today out in Mission with my best friend, his wife, and his folks.  The weather was awesome!  The above picture is only four of the seven guns we shot today.  There was a .303 enfield, .4570, 12 gauge mosberg, SKS, savage .22, 1022 takedown, and a .22 winchester.

and a bonus picture!  Me and my baby (savage .22)


Canon Rebel XS. 1/400sec, f / 13, ISO 400.



039 – the catch-up, part one

I got tired of writing “Day Zero Three Nine” etc.  It’s harder for my brain to remember, so I’m switching to numbers.  Also, this is the first post of the catch-up.  I’ve been away at a business conference for the last couple of days, doing 14 hour days on my feet, and only being in bed long enough to sleep a few hours before getting up to repeat.  I’m skipping tonight to give my body some much needed sleep, so I figure I have time to catch up on my photos.

(I actually managed to take at least one photo a day, even though I was in conference and talks and, well, parties for the last 72 hours.  Go me.)

Presenting: Drunk photography!


Canon Rebel XS. 1.3sec, f / 5.0, ISO 800.
the vancouver shore

Day Zero Three Four: January Photo Challenge: DOORS

Day 23 of the First Thirty-One over at Fourtuitous.com, and the challenge was “Doors”.

“Hippies, please use the back door.” – a random sign I found in Vancouver.  Home sweet home!


Canon Rebel XS. 1/50sec, f / 5.6, ISO 400.


Canon Rebel XS. 1/30sec, f / 5.0, ISO 400.
(The Sistine Chapel found its way to the sidewalk on Robson and…and…that street with the Chapters building. Thurlow?)


Canon Rebel XS. 1/50sec, f / 4.0, ISO 400.